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Virginia Town and City, the magazine of the Virginia Municipal League, features Farmville in its December 2016 edition in their article, “All eyes on Farmville: How Farmville and Longwood aced the vice presidential debates.” Town Debate Decor

“Not many small towns in America get the chance to hold the world’s attention for a few days. To be thrust onto the world stage as part of the most sacred processes on which our country was established – the right to elect our own leaders – is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The article outlines the town’s efforts to increase interest and tourism to the area during the debate and information on the town’s increased public safety presence throughout the events. Photos from the vice presidential debate are featured throughout the article, including photos of the town decorated for the occasion.

“The town administration was a true partner from the beginning. Its pledge of support was a critical ingredient in Longwood’s application to the Commission on the Presidential Debates.”

Photo courtesy of Longwood University: Farmville Mayor David Whitus (left) and Longwood University President Taylor Reveley IV (center) greet vice presidential candidate Mike Pence.

“‘The debate put Farmville and Longwood on the map,’ said Mayor Whitus. ‘We see people coming to visit who were made aware of what Farmville had to offer because of the debate. For years to come, people will point back to the debate as the event that made a real impact on our community.'”

To read the article in its entirety: Virginia Town and City: “All eyes on Farmville”


Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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