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The most recent meeting of Town Council occurred Wednesday, June 14th at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall. The following actions resulted from the meeting:

A request from Mr. Richard W. Bratcher and Darlene Bratcher to purchase a lot located on the unopened portion of 3rd Avenue, owned by the Town of Farmville, was approved.

A request to adopt Ordinance No. 182– to extend the rebates on new residential and commercial water and/or sewer connections within the corporate limits of the Town of Farmville was approved.

Town Council accepted and approved the recommendations for the following appointments/reappointments:

Farmville Local Building Official Board: Brian Vincent, Lynn Ayers and Robert Winthrop (reappointments)
Central Virginia Regional Library Board: Mary Jane Cook
Farmville Industrial Development Authority: Teresa Stewart
Farmville Planning Commission: Cameron Patterson, Patrick Crute, Jerry Davenport, Abby O’Connor and Chuck Ross

A request on behalf of Casandra Harris to have a block party on Serpell Street was approved.

A resolution to the Virginia Department of Transportation, which pledges full faith and credit to to VDOT for the installation of and maintenance of utilities owned or maintained by the Town of Farmville, Prince Edward County or Farmville, Cumberland County to be valid from June 7, 2017 to March 31, 2021, was approved.

A request for Approval of and Concurrence in Issuance of Tax-Exempt Bonds on Behalf of Centra Health and affiliates was approved.

A request to refund partial payment on 2017 business license for Quality Inn was approved.

Request to designate July 3rd as a holiday for Town employees was approved.

*Minutes and the meeting recording will be added at a later date.

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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