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The Town of Farmville is excited for you to see the final 2018 Parks and Recreation Master Plan. We are currently taking steps to grow and advance our parks and recreation department through the creation of a department wide master plan. This plan will help guide the parks and recreation department for the next 10 years and beyond through improved customer service and efficiency. It looks at all aspects of operations, from utilization of existing facilities to review of existing programs.

Town Manager Gerry Spates recently spoke on Farmville’s Master Plan, “Farmville’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a cooperative effort of Town Council, staff and most important the individuals and groups that participated in the planning process. It has been Town Council’s goal to develop a Master Plan that creates a clear set of objectives that provides direction for our community’s recreational needs for years to come.”

View the link below to review the entire plan.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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