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2019-2020 Council Standing Committees

Finance and Ordinance – Jamie Davis, Chairman, Donald Hunter, and Greg Cole
Public Safety – Donald Hunter, Chairman, Tommy Pairet and Jamie Davis
Personnel – Chuck Reid, Chairman, Donald Hunter, and Greg Cole
Infrastructure – Tommy Pairet, Chairman, Brian Vincent, Jamie Davis, and Dan Dwyer
Town Property/Building – Dan Dwyer, Chairman, Chuck Reid, and Brian Vincent
Parks /Recreation – Brian Vincent, Chairman, Donald Hunter, and Dan Dwyer

Specific Committees

Library Committee—Mr. Hunter and Mr. Vincent
FERN Committee – Dan Dwyer
Boundary Adjustment Committee— Mr. Reid, Chairman, and Mr. Davis and Mr. Pairet
Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad—Mr. Cole

Mr. Davis (2012) | Finance and Ordinance, Chair; Public Safety; Infrastructure
Mr. Hunter (2004) | Public Safety, Chair; Finance and Ordinance; Personnel; Parks and Recreation
Mr. Reid (1986) | Personnel, Chair; Town Property/Building
Mr. Pairet (2010) | Infrastructure, Chair; Public Safety
Mr. Dwyer (2014) | Town Property/Building, Chair; Parks and Recreation; Infrastructure
Mr. Cole (2014) | Personnel; Finance and Ordinance
Mr. Vincent (2018) | Parks and Recreation, Chair; Town Property/Building; Infrastructure


Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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