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Employment Opportunities

Current Employment Opportunities

Communications Operator Trainee – The Town of Farmville is seeking a full-time Communications Operator Trainee. This is an entry level position that requires a basic dispatch certification within one year of hire. The successful applicant must be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing and deal with the public under stressful conditions. Familiarity with the Town of Farmville and surrounding areas is a plus. Full Communications Operator Trainee Job Description

Account Clerk –┬áThe Town of Farmville is seeking a full-time Account Clerk to perform responsible clerical and accounting work involving the preparation and maintenance of all accounts and records. Work is detailed, but closely coordinated to assure accuracy and performance prescribed by Town procedures and policies. This position will report to the Director of Finance/Treasurer. Account Clerk Job Description

Clerk of Council – The Town of Farmville is seeking a full-time Clerk of Council to perform administrative and personnel work for the Mayor and Town Council and associated staff. The Clerk is assigned specific program responsibilities to handle a variety of assignments. This position will report to the Mayor and Town Council. Clerk of Council Job Description

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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