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Branch Out Program

The Town of Farmville, in partnership with Tree City USA, has introduced a new tree program, “Branch Out in Farmville.” This program offers community members a way to directly contribute to the beautification of Farmville. Trees will be planted within Town limits, in areas of need designated by the Town. You can donate a tree on behalf of an individual or group, and a certificate will be sent to the designated honoree or family. Donation costs will cover purchase of the tree, installation and care after planting.

There are two levels of donations: $125 for a six to eight foot tree and $250 for an eight to ten foot tree. Smaller donations are appreciated! All donations will help Farmville plant more trees. Donations can be made at the Farmville Town Treasurer’s office located at 116 North Main Street, Farmville, VA  23901.

2021 Branch Out Program Application Form

Donor List

Donor Honoree
Ann Morton Neale Susan Hardwood
Anonymous Public Works
Hunter & Llewellyn Watson n/a
Thomas McCraken CSCH Doctors, Nurses, and Staff
Brent & Lynde Roberts Betty Eike
Brent & Lynde Roberts Holden B. Topham
Emma Batts Billy Batts
Heritage Garden Club Beverly Anne Patteson Klein
Land Title Services LLC n/a
Fort Awesome LLC n/a
Ruth Adams Garden Club Margaret Rice
Shirley C. Donaldson William Paul Donaldson
Will & Deanna Nash Wade Stimpson
Chuck & Faye Green Charles Lindsay
Mary Hunter Gallelee Ayer Betty and Bill Gallalee
Jack Patteson & Mary Morgan David Ragland
Katie & Chris Register Page Hutchinson
Jane & Susan Plass William & Lola Plass
North Street Press Club Fishin’ Pig
Fishin’ Pig North Street Press Club
Kent Wilhelmi & Audrey Sullivan Stephanie Rose Wilhelmi
RedDoor 104 Quentin (Que) Wilhelmi
Friends of Sarah Townsend Sarah Townsend
Weyanoke Garden Club Anne Berry
Weyanoke Garden Club Ron Heinemann
Nonie & Francis Bailey Dr. Araceli Villanueva Ganan


Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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