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Emergency Communication Center

The Farmville Emergency Communications Center is the primary public safety answering point (PSAP) for the Farmville area. The center answers 9-1-1 calls for the Town of Farmville, Prince Edward County, and southern Cumberland County.

The mission of the Farmville Emergency Communciation Center is: “To protect citizens’ health and lives, property and legal rights through effective communication.”

It is the vision of the Farmville Emergency Communication Center’s dedicated staff, to apply the most modern communication, recording and mapping technologies to assist law enforcement, fire and rescue agencies in protecting the citizens of the Farmville area.

In 2009, the Center answered 53,819 calls—13,863 of which were 9-1-1 calls—and it documented 18,768 calls for service.

Serving some 29,000 residents, the Center has 15 full-time and 4 part-time employees who dispatch two (2) police departments, three (3) rescue squads, and seven (7) fire departments, as well as Farmville Public Works.

The Center has four full-service dispatch consoles, that are equipped with a PlantCML 9-1-1 touch screen telephone, an DaPro computer-assisted call reporting station with mapping monitor, a Motorola 5500 police and fire-rescue radio, and a Sytech radio interoperability system accessible during emergencies to 33 public safety jurisdictions.

The Center is proud to support the education and training of public-safety professionals in communications. Several employees are instructors for the Virginia State Police and for the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

Dispatchers with the Farmville Emergency Communication Center have completed the 40 hour CIT course offered by Crossroads. This course teaches additional tools that are intended to change how the mentally ill are perceived and how authorities interact with them. For Dispatchers, the training offers skills to improve call taking, which allows them to give a clearer picture to the responder that will have face to face contact with the caller. Pictured above left to right, top row- Reggie Eggleston, Jackie Gilbert, Tim Seamster, Cody Hudgins, and Alexis Evans. Second row – Trey Pyle, Michael Driskill, Christy Farley. Third row – Jacob Taylor, Crystal Barton, Chris McKay. Bottom row – Sam Bowles, Winkie Blanton and Leslie Cheatham.

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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