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Vision Statement

In the year 2030, Farmville has created a public and private environment recognized as a destination of choice for individuals and families in search of high quality recreational activities, personal growth opportunities, and lifestyle services. Farmville’s success in creating this environment is the result of its leadership role in forging progressive partnerships with its stakeholders in the community and the region. To create an overall sense of well-being and pride in residence, Farmville’s strong governmental leadership encourages public participation and is aggressively responsive to the needs of its citizens. Farmville is “open for business” and receptive to innovation, yet mindful of the responsibility to preserve its historic and natural resources for future generations. We are the hub of economic activity in the region, while maintaining our identity as a diverse academic village, a center for culture, and a family-friendly town.

Directed planning on the part of the Farmville Town Council has created the following community strengths and has enabled us to be described as:

A Beautiful and Historic Community in Central Virginia

Welcome to Farmville!

Nestled against the Appomattox River in the rolling hills of the Piedmont of Virginia, Farmville is naturally beautiful. The Town of Farmville is a destination for tourism, recreation, retirement and trade not only because of its attention to infrastructure, but also because of its attention to its beauty. It is attractive to those who live, work or visit here. Its rich history and its current status as a center of trade and commerce is preserved and enhanced by its dedication to architectural integrity and improvement of the natural environment through a system of parks, green spaces, walking trails and waterways. New growth and development of the Town incorporate the concepts of history, civic pride and natural beauty. Educational programs ensure that our citizens appreciate the history of the region and the importance of beauty in creating a sense of community pride and well-being.

A Leader in Regional Economic Development

Recognizing that knowledge is critical to the well-being of our community, the Town works closely with Longwood University, Hampden-Sydney College, Southside Virginia Community College and our public and private schools to create new educational and employment training opportunities, particularly in the areas of early childhood development, workforce training, higher education and the arts.

As a leader in regional development, Farmville is considered the source of innovative thought and expertise with respect to sound economic growth throughout the region. By focusing on a diverse retail sector with special emphasis on small business, a high quality medical services community, and a highly visible system of recreational and tourism opportunities, the Town has seen growth in its tax base, its land area, and its population. Such growth has produced a prosperous town and region that is respected throughout the Commonwealth and considered a healthy and desirable place to live, work, and raise a family.

A Crossroads for Recreation and Tourism Opportunities

Recreation and tourism enhance the economic and human diversity of Farmville. Our strategic location on the Lee’s Retreat Civil War Trail and the Virginia’s Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail and our world-class fishing, boating, hunting, and sporting venues make Farmville a premier tourism destination for families, educators and those inclined to the outdoors.

While focusing on attracting the world to its doors, Farmville actively serves the recreation needs of the citizens of the Town through a well developed parks and recreation program. We are known regionally for our progressive approach to meeting the needs of all people in the community, including the young, the elderly and the transient student population by cleverly combining and using multiple community resources.

An Open Resourceful Government

Farmville’s principle governmental stakeholders are its people. The Town’s focus is to inform and serve its citizens by educating them about the role of government and the role of the public in creating the sense of identity and wellbeing that permeates the community. Citizen leadership and corporate stewardship have produced meaningful improvements in our community. Through the use of new technology and by consistently taking advantage of innovative information-sharing opportunities, the Town makes its services and resources, including its highly competent employees, available to the public in an efficient and direct manner.

Guardians of Our Natural Resources

Appropriate use of natural resources underlies the sense of wellbeing of the people of Farmville. The Town uses innovative technology, modern processes, and careful planning for population growth to efficiently produce abundant clean drinking water and environmentally sensitive wastewater treatment for the people of Farmville and the region. Farmville’s use of its natural resources is informed by preservation and conservation concepts designed to encourage a respect for nature and its impact on the quality of human, animal and plant life.

A Partner in Progressive Transportation Solutions

The Town is a multi-modal transportation community offering a variety of ways to move in and around Town and to other points of interest. From the airport to our bus service, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and walking trails, the Town works to ensure that it is a community where work, shopping, and recreation opportunities are easily accessed. The Farmville Regional Airport is a thriving enterprise that serves as an important economic development tool for industry and business, as well as leisure activities and tourism. Our master plan for the airport has enabled us to expand facilities and to broaden economic opportunities. Our partnerships and creative planning ensure that we have proactive solutions to continuing issues with access and parking that help us have a safe and efficient transportation environment.

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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