Farmville Blueway

The Farmville Blueway Paddle Trail is a protected stream corridor maintained for recreational canoeing and kayaking. The Blueway includes portions of Wilck’s Lake, Buffalo Creek, and the Appomattox River. This four-mile water trail begins on the east end of Wilck’s Lake at the boat ramp, crosses the lake to its west side, enters Buffalo Creek, and continues down the Appomattox River to the take-out at Riverside Park. A short portage connects Wilck’s Lake to Buffalo Creek. The trail may be paddled in its entirety or in two stages – the Upper Blueway or Lower Blueway. Paddle times range from one hour to three depending on the length of the trail and water conditions. Brochures are available at the Farmville Town Office, the Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library, Virginia’s Heartland Regional Visitor Center, and the Friends of the Appomattox Website. View the brochure.

people kayaking on Wilcks Lake

People Padding boarding on Wilcks Lake