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2018 Officer of the Year Award

The Officer of the year status is awarded to an officer who has been voted upon by the Command Staff. Nominations for this award are submitted by officers to the Chief of Police in writing.

Submissions include factors supporting the nomination such as community Involvement, commitment to the agency, superior performance with a specific difficult task and/or a complete and consistent body of work throughout the year that exceeds normal expectations. Recipients of the “Otto S. Overton” Meritorious Service Award during the year will be automatically considered for the Officer of the Year award, however will not be the sole qualifying factor. Submissions will be reviewed by command Staff to determine which officer has exhibited excellence in their position and has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This is the third highest award the department can bestow on a member and is accompanied by a uniform pin that may be worn throughout the year. The Officer of the Year recipient will also be the Departments nominee to receive the VFW Law Enforcement Award.

Detective Sergeant Ragland brings with him over thirty years of law enforcement experience. During these 30 plus years, he has worked in various positions including patrol, supervision, criminal investigations, intelligence gathering, internal affairs, and narcotics investigations. Because of this experience, he is able to tackle any task assigned to him ranging from small community policing projects to the most serious criminal investigation. David was also awarded the 2018 VACP Award of Valor this year by the Virginia Association Chiefs of Police & Foundation.

When it comes to police work, Detective Sergeant Ragland has the tenacity and aggressiveness it takes to be a police officer. For example, a victim recently reported a sexual assault that had occurred several months earlier. Because I have investigated these types of cases before, I know how difficult they can be to clear when the reporting is delayed. Many things are lost due to delayed reporting including the most important thing to your case, physical evidence.

This was not the case with Detective Sergeant Ragland. After taking the report from the victim, he used every resource available to him to gather information and evidence related to the case. After reviewing all of the intelligence that was gathered, Detective Sergeant Ragland applied for and was granted two search warrants for the residence of the suspect. These warrants were executed and as a result, another search warrant was granted, three people were charged with drug crimes, one person was charged with firearms related offenses, multiple firearms and narcotics were seized, a large amount of evidence related to a previously reported financial crime was seized, and most importantly, two suspects were arrested and charged with rape, and confessions were obtained related to that offense. All of this because he took a long shot and looked for something as small as a button.

Farmville, Virginia
Town of Farmville, Virginia
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