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(per 2010 Census)
Total: 8,216

(per 2000 Census)
$13,552 per capita
Median family income: $33,000
Median Household income: $26,343

The Town of Farmville is located in both Prince Edward and Cumberland Counties
and the total size is 7.4 Square Miles.


  • Annual average rainfall: 42.93 inches
  • Annual average snowfall: 16.80 inches
  • Prevailing winds: Southwest
  • Annual average temperature: 56.5 F
  • January average: 37.7 F
  • July average: 77.7 F


  • Town Council consist of a Mayor and seven Council members
  • The Town Manager administers and delegates the daily functions to the Town's departments for the appropriate actions.  The overall planning and development for the Town facilities, utilities, streets and other infrastructure needs are the responsibility of the Town Manager with Town Council approval.

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