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Request for Proposal Town of Farmville

Town Attorney

The Town of Farmville is accepting proposals for the position of Town Attorney. It is the duty of the Town Attorney to be the legal advisor of the Mayor, Council, Manager and all departments, officers, boards, commissions and agencies of the Town. To represent the Town in all litigation in which the Town or any department ,officers, board, commissions and agency thereof, ordinances and resolution for consideration by that body.

Written proposals should include the qualification of the law firm to perform such work: biographical information on the attorneys who will be working with the Town; a fee proposal for the two year period; a history of work in municipal law; any sanctions that have been given to any of the Attorneys that will be working with the Town; and references from previous municipal clients. Ten (10) copies of the proposals shall be delivered to the Town of Farmville no later that 1:00 on Monday, December 1, 2014 to Gerald Spates, Town Manager, Town Hall, 116 North Main Street, P.O. Brawer 368, Farmville, VA 23901. Interviews with Town Council will be held in December.


Town Council has the right to reject any all all proposals.







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