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 Town of Farmville, a Beautiful and Charming Town

The Town of Farmville was listed as one of the 10 most beautiful, charming small towns in Virginia,  in a article written by Anna Strock on onlyinyourstate.com. (see No. 9 in the article)

The Town supports a thriving downtown and five shopping centers. Farmville’s total retail sales exceeds ½ billion dollars annually.

The Town of Farmville is a destination for tourism, recreation, retirement and trade not only because of its attention to infrastructure, but also because of its attention to its beauty. It is attractive to those who live, work or visit here. Its rich history and status as a center of trade and commerce is preserved and enhanced by its dedication to architectural integrity and improvement of the natural environment through a system of parks, green spaces, walking trails and waterways. New growth and development of the Town incorporate the concepts of history, civic pride and natural beauty.

Farmville is “open for business” and receptive to innovation, yet mindful of the responsibility to preserve its historic and natural resources for future generations. As the hub of economic activity in the region, Farmville maintains its identity as a diverse academic village, a center for culture, and a family-friendly town.

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