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The Town of Farmville's Tree Board, founded in 2006, works to raise awareness of the benefits trees give our community as part of its commitment to being a "Tree City USA."

The Tree Board and its partners have distributed thousands of free seedlings over the years. It has also sponsored tree-related educational events and photo contests.

Due to the work of the Tree Board, its partners, and Town of Farmville employees, Farmville has earned the designation "Tree City USA" every year since 2006.

Members of the Tree Board
• Katie Register, Co-President
• Chris Rogers, Co- President
• Nan Colvin, Secretary
• David Fowlkes, Town of Farmville Horticulturalist
• Mike Lafoon
• Patrick Murphy
• Gerry Spates

Contact Us
The Tree Board welcomes your comments and ideas. Please send an email to David Fowlkes, Town of Farmville Horticulturalist at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here are some resources that Farmville residents can use to learn more about trees.

Tree Identification

These Three Resources Will Help You Explore Native Trees in Virginia

Local Governments' Tree Ordinances in Virginia:

Tree Ordinances in Farmville, VA:

Learn More About Protecting and Maintaining Trees in Urban Areas:

How Old is Your Tree? This web site might help you learn the age of your trees:

How to Protect Trees During Construction

Learn More About Urban Trees -- why you should plant urban trees, how to plant them, and what trees to plant.
Virginia Urban Street Tree Selector:

The Value of Trees to a Community and to Your Property

How to Prune a Crape Myrtle
Did you know that you should never prune crape myrtles in the fall or winter, since it compromises their cold hardiness? We do not recommend the practice of cutting the branches back to stubs every year. Learn how to prune your crape myrtles for maximum beauty:

The Town of Farmville Tree Board would like to thank Longwood University student Emily J. Miller for her assistance gathering information for this webpage.

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