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Real Estate Taxes

Real estate taxes are $0.12 per $100.00 of assessed value. The Town of Farmville gets its assessed value from the assessments done by the Prince Edward County Commissioners Office and the Cumberland County Commissioners Office.

Tax bills go out the beginning of November and are due December 15th.

Personal Property (business only):

Personal Property taxes are $1.50 per $100.00 of assessed value. Personal property tax is only paid by businesses in the Town of Farmville.

Business License Tax

See Business Licenses for details.

Other Taxes:

  • Virginia Communication Sales and Use Tax - 5% of amount billed for taxable services and wireless telephone. $0.75 per line.
  • Consumer Utility Tax – Residential (Electric) $1.40 plus the rate of $0.01524 per kWh not to exceed $3.00 monthly tax.
  • Consumer Utility Tax – Residential (Electric)
  • Consumer TV Cable Franchise receipts

For more information on the tax rates please call the Town Treasurer's Office at 434-392-3333.

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