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Group Fitness Classes:
The Recreation Department is offering a Group Fitness Class.The class objective is to target all major muscle groups using various exercises. The totel body work out incorporates bursts of cardio into movements intended to help tone all major muscles. Please view the Group Fitness Flyer for more details.


The Recreation Department offers fishing opportunities at Wilck’s Lake and Mottley Lake. Individuals are required to have both a State and Town Fishing license to fish in either lake. Town fishing license can be purchased at the Farmville Treasurer’s office in the Town Hall building on Main Street. If you would like more information about Farmville’s Fishing opportunities please contact the Recreation Department at (434) 392-3737 or click here for the website link.

What Classes would you like to take?
If you would like to take a class that we are not currently offering, let us know so that we may look for an instructor and others who share the same interests. Areas of interest may include sports, arts and crafts, music, drama, fitness, self-improvement, travel and many others of which we are not aware. In planning our future line up of programming, trips, and special events, we would like to request your input. Is there a program, trip or event you would like to see offered by our department? We would welcome any comments or suggestions citizens may have regarding recreational services. If you would like, you can contact the Recreation Department by phone at (434) 392-3737 or email the Recreation Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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