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The Farmville 2035 Transportation Plan was developed as a cooperative effort between the Federal Highway Administration, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the Town of Farmville. VDOT will use this plan when considering requests from the Town for local roadway improvements, as well as when making decisions about improvements to larger thoroughfare routes. The Plan is the product of a study that evaluated the transportation system in Farmville and recommended a set of transportation improvements to best satisfy existing and future transportation needs.

To view the full 2035 Transportation Plan click the link below:
2035 Transportation Executive Summary

To view the Transportation Plan Executive Summary click on the link below:
2035 Transportation Plan


To view the Farmville 2035 SUATS Map click on the link below:

To view the Town of Farmville Downtown Study 2006, in no particular order, please click on the link below:                 (includes study, graphics, tables, and maps)






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