Property Inspector

The Property Inspector enforces codes that pertain to external property, such as overgrown grass and weeds, inoperative vehicles, and general trash and debris complaints. Roll-out cart violations are also handled by this office.

Grass & Weeds

Town ordinances require property owners to keep their yards maintained in a neat and orderly manner. Grass cannot be over ten inches tall. Section. 17-23

Weeds, thistles, brushes, or plants are not permitted to overhang or encroach upon any sidewalk adjoining your property. Section 17-24.

Debris, Furniture & Inoperative Vehicles

Property owners and tenants must keep trash and debris from accumulating on their premises. Section 17-10 to 17-14. Town citizens also need to be aware that household furniture and appliances are not allowed to be kept outside of their residence. Section 17-15 to 17-18.

Inoperative vehicles cannot be openly kept on property within the Town of Farmville. An inoperative vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle which is not in operating condition; or which for a period of sixty (60) days or longer has been partially or totally disassembled by the removal of tires and wheels, the engine, or other essential parts required for the operation of the vehicle; or on which there are displayed neither valid license plates nor a valid inspection decal. Section 15-70

The Town of Farmville Code can be viewed or downloaded.