Thomas M. Pairet

At-largeThomas Pairet

309 Ford Street
Farmville, VA 23901
Phone: 434-603-1296
Term expires: 12/31/26
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Thomas Pairet was first elected to the town council in July 2010. He attended Louisburg College in North Carolina before returning to the third-generation family business opened by his grandfather on Main Street in 1945. Pairet currently chairs the Infrastructure Committee and serves on the Public Safety Committee.

Building town and county connections have been a major focus for Pairet, who has been pleased to see improvements during his tenure on the council. Pairet's work with the Public Safety Committee includes improved lighting and safety for Longwood students who walk to Lancer Park housing. Crosswalks installed at student crossings are another safety improvement he believes has benefitted the town. Although obligations of running a family business prevent Pairet from participating in civic clubs or organizations, he remains a strong supporter of the Town of Farmville. He believes serving on the town councilor in other capacities is vital for the town and hopes other citizens will be inspired to do likewise.

Pairet operates Pairet's Inc. on Main Street that specializes in custom screen printing. He and his wife Penny have two children, Samantha and Thomas.